My Platform "The Movement" Taking Back Our Stolen Democracy

Fighting Injustice


Your alternative is to fight for your rights, your justice, you inequalities, corruption, bigotry, brutality, and discrimination, .

Fighting Poverty


It is your God given right to have the means to meet your basic personal needs of food, water, clothing, and affordable housing, 

(In 2017 dollars ) Us Census Bureau  between 2013-2017  21.2% Houstonians live in proverty

Fighting Opression


We continue to face cruel and unjust treatment.  We the people are often subjected to unfair treatment left feeling powerless. It's time that public officials hear our voice, about our wants, needs and create the changes that we ask for. Democracy is about the will, the want, and the hope of the people. 

Concerning The LBGTQ 2015 HERO City Ordinance;

Demetria Smith has stated that she is supportive of  the LGBTQ community as well as all people in the community of Houston TX,  Harris County .  Demetria has publicly stated that she was in support  of the HERO Ordinance except the piece on bathroom sharing, due to the public safety concerns . This proposed ordinance was defeated in 2015 by Houston voters owever, the LBGTQ community continues their attack on Smith falsely claiming her to  be Anti-LBGTQ when she has publically stated that she is supportive of the LBGTQ community in terms of fairness and equality. Smith  will continue to fight for the LGBTQ community  Constitutional Rights as well as for the Constitutional Rights of city residents.

* This is not an endorsement from the Houston Firefighters