Demetria Smith

Taking Back Our Stolen Democracy "The Movement"

Demetria Smith stands to make history by being elected Houston's first Black Female Mayor

Demetria Smith Houston's Best  Candidate Mayor on November 5, 2019 local elections. Smith is not only a life long resident of Houston, Texas; she knows our struggles and the issues that we face. She grow up in the well known community of South Park, which is a prodominatly African American Community. A community that is has had its fair share of hardships. 

Smith is a Business owner, a Financial Consultant, and a mother of 6 who can relate to the struggles that we as Houstonians face daily.  She geared up to fight for the residents of the 4th largest city in America including affordable safe and decent housing, jobs that pay $15 an hour so that people will have living wages which in turn aids in building a market economy which fosters supply and demand in the city. Her biggest fight will be our flawed criminal justice system. Smith would like to create transparency and accountability in our local elected officials as we fight for our stolen democracy. 

She is passionate about fighting for every race, culture and creed that exists in Houston.  Her main reasons for running is to create change : reduce poverty, fight oppression and the injustices that blacks and browns (the less fortunate community members )face daily.  She also recognizes that homeowners all over the city are being priced out of their homes due to property tax increase  and other city fees. Smith wants to fight for those families to keep them in their homes.  Smith says "I want to bring more resources to the community, through public funding as well as private funding". She recently joined in the fight and will continue the fight for equal pay for our First Responder/Firerfighters. This is something that she agrees with and wants to uphold the wishes of Houston voters.  Our current Mayor said no to Proposition B even after Harris County  Residents said yes. 

She is the fighter our city needs to create the change we want and need in Houston. She believes strongly in our "Constitutional Right" and giving power to the people, as our tax dollars pay elected officials to represent us. We should not be afraid to ask for what we want and need, we should all live lives of fairness and justice. Yes the little people have a voice too. Smith is not afraid to go against our current city leaders due to the oppression she experienced in her previous race for a city council position and again for mayor when many times she was not invited to speak at forums and other candidates public meetings to speak with community members.

Smith wants to call all  Millenniums ages 18-34, our future leaders to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. She wants you young people  to began to take your places, to continue our fight, and continue growing our city. It is your duty.  

Smith wants women to take honor in the evolutionary growth of  women in leadership roles. Smith ask that  you to stand  and fight with her, and other women on the journey to empower each other for the good of our city.